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 2004-05-31 - Option to download created langpack
Now you can download your langpack as soon as you finish translation. This way you can very quickly download the langpack and try it out in Subtitles Translator thus fixing some mistakes is quicker (be aware that browser stores the file in temporary files, so if you want to get the latest edited version, flush your temporary files - sorry, gotta fix this one).
 2003-04-12 - Registration info
If you want to become a localizator for your language, please check first if your language is listed in the right table. Only register for that language if there is free listed in localizators column.

If your language isn't listed you can register without any hassle.
 languages   ver.   localizator 
 Arabic   none  Ahmed Sherif
 Bosnian   none  Calvinol
 Bulgarian   1.64  Vladislav Georgiev
 Catalan   1.71  egarciagrau
 Chinese   none  Carol Jin
 Croatian   1.65  free
 Czech   1.71  msyogota
 Danish   1.70  Morten Irve
 English   2.00  mironto
 Estonian   1.71  isoon@hot.ee
 Finnish   1.71  Dappis
 French   1.70  Ophélie Vielles
 German   1.70  Dennis Staudmann
 Greek   1.70  Constantinos Demetriou
 Hebrew   1.70  kfir even
 Hungarian   1.71  Dorje Tanka
 Indonesian   none  Bambang Heriyanto
 Italian   1.72  Vecna
 Japanese   1.70  free
 Latvian   1.71  Armands Radzuðka
 Lithuanian   1.71  Domas Lasauskas
 Macedonian   1.70  Coci Taso
 Netherlands   1.60  Joe Verh
 Norwegian   1.62  free
 Polish   1.70  Leo Kali
 Portug_br   1.71  Harrierz
 Portuguese   2.00  Luis Arruda Martins
 Romanian   2.00  adicoto
 Russian   1.72  free
 Serbian   1.71  yotsa
 Slovak   2.00  mironto
 Slovenian   1.71  goldy
 Spanish   1.71  Marta Rodríguez
 Swedish   1.71  Daniel Andersson
 Telugu   none  Madhu Ronda
 Turkish   1.72  hayalci
 Ukrainian   1.72  free
 Vietnamese   1.71  huuhung
Is your language not listed above or there is a free position for localizator for your language and you would like to become one?
Register here!
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